For Becca

This cake was designed especially for a friend of mine so I knew that it had to be perfect.  Fondant tinted to the perfect shade of sea foam was indented on the first tier with a small quatrefoil cutter from Not Just Cakes By Annie.  The sugar pearls were tinted gold as well with a bit of gold disco dust and set into the fondant between the quatrefoils.  Using a dry brush, I hand painted the gold “dripping” on the top tier of the cake and topped the cake with two offset wafer paper roses.  FYI, I learned the wafer paper roses from the amazing Stevi of Hey, There Cupcake in her class on Craftsy.

I knew Becca loved Hummingbird cake (which is also what she had for her wedding cake) so the bottom tier was a Hummingbird cake with white chocolate cream cheese swiss meringue buttercream and the top tier consisted of chocolate rum cake and a whipped ganache swiss meringue buttercream.

Happy birthday, Becca!









For Tom and Heidi


Grey, white and yellow buttercream covered cake with chevron and polka dots, fondant rose petals and topped with a wafer paper rose for Tom and Heidi’s wedding! 

I was so excited when this destination wedding couple asked me to recreate this design first made by the talented One Sweet Slice. Generally, I don’t agree to recreate designs by others, but this design was perfect for their wedding.  I love the design that One Sweet Slice created including the different patterns and the texture of the petal covered tier.  A gorgeous design and so much fun to recreate for my happy couple.  Congratulations, Tom and Heidi!








Buttercream Effects with the Leaf Tip


Ah, the leaf tip. Its just such a versatile piping tip and one I’ve been using quite a bit these past months.  Most recently, I used it on this cake as part of a large dessert table for a church event. I’ve used this technique on a few of my cakes so far and it […]

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Rustic Buttercream Technique Tutorial


    Its true!  I’m finally finished with this little tutorial that I promised to you all several weeks ago.  Thankfully, unlike the actual making of this tutorial, this technique is quite fast and easy.  Here is a short list of things you’ll need to cover a cake in rustic horizontal lines: Chilled, stacked, filled […]

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For Cecelia


I just celebrated 12 years of marriage yesterday to my soulmate and best friend.  I remember very fondly planning every detail of our big day while being completely lovesick with my brown eyed surfer.  Believe it or not, the oversight in our wedding planning was in fact, the wedding cake.  At this point, making and […]

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Bow and Stripes Cake


  Some days inspiration can appear in odd ways.  While browsing Etsy for baby girl gifts, I stumbled upon quite possibly THE most adorable pair of little girl shoes.  They were natural colored canvas with blue striping and the toes adorned with a cluster of flowers.  After daydreaming for a few minutes on how much […]

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Ruffle Cupcake Topper Tutorial

Fondant Flinger Ruffle Cupcake Topper Tutorial

Its Tuesday!  Nothing very incredibly special about this day whatsoever except that I’ve decided to do a free tutorial!  How exciting is that?!  We’ll call it “Terrific Tutorial Tuesday” to add a bit of flair to it. Just a rather simple tutorial with very few tools.  Here is what you’ll need: Round Cutters X-acto blade […]

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Shipping A Cake


      What happens when your friend lives states away and is having a baby shower for her FIRST baby?!  Why, ship her a baby shower cake, of course!  And that’s just what happened.  Back on Kodiak, I met Astrid who over the years became not only my best customer but also a dear […]

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Review: Cake Design Made Simple – with Rachael Teufel


Rachael Teufel of Intricate Icings has been one of my cake idols for longer than I can remember.  Her approach to cakes using inspiration from fabrics has much aligned with my own designing techniques.  I constantly find myself watching her page for the latest gorgeous creations.  I wanted to dance for joy when I found […]

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Pale Green and Purple wedding cake

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