Vintage Ruffle Cakes

Sometimes the prettiest things in life are simple.  These cakes are simply buttercream but I think they both are incredibly charming.


This first cake has the standard ruffle technique that is all the “rage” these days and I left the top completely blank.  The customer added fresh flowers to the cake at the party.

This second cake was a surprise cake for a friend and I had been wanting to play around with buttercream ruffles.  I did this version of vertical ruffles with a petal tip.



I can imagine how breathtaking a dessert table would be full of buttercream ruffle cakes of various designs and sizes….next project perhaps!  :)


  1. What beautiful cakes…we love ruffles and have never made a ruffle cake. Must try it soon! Do you use American butter cream or Italian or Swiss meringue butter cream or something else?

    • Thank you, Lets Do Cake! I use a swiss meringue buttercream for my cakes but do on occasion mix American buttercream with it for a sweeter flavor. These ruffles are completely Swiss Meringue though. I LOVE ruffles too! You have to try them and then we can chat about how incredibly lovely they are to make! :)

  2. Cake is beautiful. What tip did you use to make the ruffles?

  3. HII ,
    cake is very beautiful.. i just want to know which tip is used to do these ruffles??

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