Its my 1st GIVEAWAY!

Wow!  A year?!  Its crazy how much one person can learn in one year.

Last May when I started Fondant Flinger, I had fairly low expectations.  It was just going to be a hobby; something to do in my spare time when I got bored.  I had no idea the amount of support I would get from our community here on Kodiak.  Before I knew it, every weekend was booked months in advance and what started as a hobby turned into a passion.  I don’t think I could have ever prepared myself for the personal sacrifices I would have to make, mostly in the extreme lack of sleep!  :)  I know that I can fully thank the Lord for a supportive husband, the talents He has blessed me with and the strength to get me through this past year.   Another wonderful source of support came from the online baking community who provided endless encouragement to those of us just starting out.  What a wonderful group of bakers out there!

So that’s what this giveaway is about.  I wanted to, in a small way, give back to the baking community and the fans that provided me with encouragement during this last month and to celebrate reaching the 5,000 fan milestone!  WOO HOO!

This contest will start today marking my 1 year anniversary and will end on June 6th (my birthday!).  See terms and conditions for a complete list of the rules.  One very special person will win the GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE (valued at over $300) which includes items from these amazing vendors:


A $50 Gift Certificate for Fondant Toppers from:

A 12″ Blushing Bride Cake Stand (a $120 price value plus free shipping) from:

$50 Gift Certificate to:
$30 Gift Certificate to:

A Dozen Cookies (a $48 value plus free shipping) from:

An Aproness (valued at $45) from:



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for an incredible 1st year!





  1. A few years ago while Guy Fieri was on “Dinner: Impossible” and he made some minty, Oreo cake/pie thing that looked really good. Knowing my love of all things mint and Oreo, my husband and boys made me their version for my birthday. I would have to say it was probably the best birthday cake I’ve ever had. 😀

  2. Elizabeth says:

    When I was younger, my grandma made me a cute birthday cake. It looked just like a garden! I remember being so excited that when I leaned over to blow out the candle, my grandma had to pull me back before I lit my hair on fire! We have a precious picture of her holding back my hair as I tried again to blow out the candles.

  3. Congrats on the 1 year mark!!! Now it’s my turn to head back to AK and hope for any kind of support from there! I think the most memorable birthday would have to be my son’s first birthday. Everything that could’ve went wrong went wrong! Of course I wasnt making cakes back then so i’m glad for that! My husband was deployed….a few of my husband’s family came….the cake got dropped….the camera battery died before the party even started….then to top it off after a week of temps in the upper 70s it decided to drop into the 50s and rain! But it was a great party and the people we cared about came and we all had fun and ate smashed cake!

    • I found Alaska had cold winters but the warmest people. I know you’ll do great back here, Sarah. There are a handful of decorators in the Anchorage area that I’m sure will welcome you.

      You know, I don’t know what it is about first birthdays but, they always end up with some serious drama and catastrophes! Regardless of what I didn’t get done for my boys’ birthdays, I have incredible memories of those days. :)

  4. My most memorable cake (As I am a part of the baking community) was my daughters 12th birthday cake I made her.
    t tier tripple chocolate cake with marshmellow fluff in the middle. This is most memoerable because the top had ended up diagonal and showing the insides….this was when I became a part of the baking community-did not want that happing again! LOL Congrats on your adventures!!!

  5. First of all, congratulations of your first year! You’re work is absolutely amazing so I know we will see you around for many, many more years!

  6. Melissa Delano says:

    Hmm I would have to say my most memorable Birthday cake was my 13th Birthday, My mother had an ice cream cake made for me in the shape of a cat and I absolutely loved it.

  7. so admiring seeing someone grow your hobby into a lifes work. im very humbled by your words about how He has blessed you. thanks for reminding us all. congratulations on your venture, you are an inspiration to us beginners.

  8. Growing as one of five kids, we didn’t have a lot of money to spend on cakes. My mother would, however, bake us the most delicious birthday cakes and “decorate” them with the store bought “candies” she picked up at the grocery store. One year, she decided to be a little more creative and made me one of the Barbie cakes with a real Barbie doll inside! I was so thrilled to see that cake when I woke up the morning of my birthday! It was the most beautiful cake I had ever seen!

    • I think a Barbie cake is a little girl’s DREAM cake! I would imagine this was a very special moment for your Mom too since she got to see your face light up. :)

  9. Kaylee Grodin says:

    Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!! I’m a huge fan of the Fondant Finger! My most memorable birthday cake was when I turned 8. It was a beautiful two tiered cake covered in sugar flowers and butterflies. I remember thinking “Wow. This is amazing!”, and wishing that I could do something like that. And now I’m on my way to making those beautiful cakes that I used to only be able to look at!

  10. I loved all of my cakes growing up but mostly when my mom would make me the BEST german chocolate cakes with coconut pecan frosting. Still my favorite!
    Congrats on a year in Alaska! I know you will be even more successful in the years to come. Your work is amazing!

  11. My most memorable birthday was when i turned 18. This was my last year with my friends from high school because my family had to move away. I dont remember all the details but we all just hung out and had fun one last time.

  12. For my big 50 the family got me a cake of double chocolate fudge with fresh strawberries and
    a wonderful buttercream frosting! Yum!

  13. Nemita Mistry says:

    My most memorable cake is when my mum made me a cake on a charcole cooker despite not having an oven. Was very touching as I still received a cake for my birthday and it tasted great!!! :-)

  14. My most memorable birthday cake? It’s a long story, do you have time? my husband pulls out the pans and makes my birthday cake every year. The best cake was when I came home and saw him shredding baby carrots for carrot cake. Seriously baby carrots. Yes, he says. I tried the larger ones didn’t like them. So I scrapped it. I think the baby carrots make it more moist. He has an amazing ginger carrot cake and yes I can attest the baby carrots make the difference.

  15. Congratulations on one year! You are an amazing artist!

  16. Unfortunately, no memories of a special birthday cake growing up. I guess we got the carvel ice cream cakes or something. I think that’s part of my motivation to make unique cakes for the kids in my family :) So excited for your contest :)

  17. Rebecca Colburn says:

    My cousin made me a 3 tiered rice krispie birthday cake last year, It was covered in candles and sprinkles, It was so funny and I loved it!!

  18. Elizabeth says:

    My most memorable cake is the one I made for my daugher this year. She is a horse lover and I made her a horse cake! She loved it and it turned out great! My own most memorable one is the Holly Hobby doll cake my mom made me when I was about 5. I loved Holly Hobby and she made it especially for me! :)

  19. Christa Kohlhouse says:

    My most memorable birthday cake was made for my 7 year son’s birthday just this past March! He’s a huge Buzz Lightyear fan and I have only recently started working with fondant. I made the bottom of the tiered cake Buzz’s belt and buttons and add the “toy story” emblem on the top tier. Buzz was standing beside the cake along with one of his alien buddies! My son was crazy about the cake!

  20. Natalie says:

    Fantastic giveaway! My most memorial birthday cake was my 8th birthday. I found the most amazing cake – ruffled and polka dots in a Southern Living magazine. I showed it to my mom and she said not to expect the cake. Then at my party, my mom brought out an exact replica with sparkler candles. She had stayed up all time creating the cake. It took my breath away! Best birthday ever!

  21. Not a specific cake, but my mom used to ask Debby and I what kind of cake we wanted and even if we chose different kinds, she would lovingly prepare two different cakes. That usually happened every year, so she made two cakes all the time! She would also have everyone sing to us separately to make it more special! =)

  22. My family really never celebrated my birthday. One year I lived with my grandparents and my grandpa made me a birthday cake. It kind of reminded me of cornbread with a thin homemade frosting. LOL I would love to have one of those cakes now though.

  23. My most memorable cake was for my 12th birthday–back in the 80s. I already had my eye on a SCULPTED birthday cake–a hamburger!! Loved it–at that age I loved all of the icing on it and it was the only cake I remember from my childhood! Loved it when I was able to make a similar cake for my husband’s groom’s cake two decades later!

  24. Congrats on one year!! You have made such an incredible impact on our little community for stay at home mom businesses!! I think you are incredible. The cake I remember the most was for my 10th birthday. My mom made me a stand up doll cake and I was just in awe of her ability to create this.

  25. My most memorable birthday cake was the one my kids and husband made me last year! All 3 of my kiddos have severe egg allergies, so i have made it my mission to learn how to bake egg free, and how to decorate cakes for them since i can never order cakes! I have found that i truly enjoy it and i absolutely love folloing your blogand watching your inspiring work, it is truly amazing! I only hope to keep learning and have half the talent you do to help make all of my kids birthdays memorable! Great work and congrats!

  26. My favorite cake growing up was always a yellow cake with chocolate frosting, nothing fancy, out of the box BUT made with love by my mother!!

  27. maria panico says:

    mY MOM made me the best rum chocolate cake ever!

  28. My hubby baked and decorated my birthday cake all by himself :)

  29. Lindsey Wilson says:

    My most memorable birthday cake was for my 8th (I think) birthday. At the time i was OBSESSED with bubble gum flavored ice cream. It was the pink ice cream with the pink pieces of bubble gum in it from Baskin Robbins. I had begged and begged my mom to get a bubble gum ice cream cake. She obliged and on the day of my party when the cake was cut everyone but me let out an audible “Ewww”. I was so embarrassed that I was apparently the only one that likes bubble gum ice cream that I joined in and acted like it was not what I ordered. As everyone pushed their cake back and forth on their plate I tried to keep a disgusted look on my face while enjoying the most delicious cake ever!

  30. I honestly can’t say I have had a birthday cake to remember :( If I were speaking in Mommy though, the most memorable cake I made for my daughter was her cake last year for her 2nd bday. It was a total disaster and from that day on, I have taken a break from the cake making and focused more on

  31. My most memorable birthday cake was made by my 2nd grade teacher and delivered by a fireman because it snowed that day (February in GA) and no one could drive anywhere! What a great memory!! Congrats to you and happy birthday!

  32. Jessica says:

    My most memorable birthday cake was one my grandma made for me – a standing Barbie doll cake with big pink skirt!

  33. My most memorable was my wedding cake. It was delicious and exactly what I wanted. The company who I used was similar to you, just started out as a hobby and turned into a small business. They were super nice and helpful as well.

  34. My most memorable birthday cake was the one i made myself last year. Just starting out my cake business as basically a hobby, i made myself a 2 tiered chicken cake complete with a white delaware hen in a nest.

  35. Dina - Deliciously Darling Events says:

    My most memorable birthday cake was the first one I baked for myself! Just loved creating each layer then creating my favorite filling (strawberries n’ cream) and putting it all together. I even made my own fondant using a marshmallow recipe and covered it (not so well) but I still loved it! I was so excited that everyone loved it as much as I did. I don’t always have time but my favorite hobby is baking – hopefully i get better at it 😉 Congratulations on your first Year!!!! SO exciting. Wishing you all the best.

  36. Cheri DeVries says:

    I think what you are doing is wonderful!! Congrats on your annivesary!!!! It is a wonderful thing!!!!

  37. My most memorable birthday cake was a yellow cake from a mix with chocolate chips in it, and peanut butter icing. It said, “Happy Birthday Ashley” on it. We weren’t fancy people, we usually didn’t get store cakes, but they tasted great and my name was right on it!

  38. Hayley Callaway says:

    My most memorable birthday cake was when my mom let me make my very own 5th birthday cake that looked like a huge flower! and was pretty dang ugly. but hey. i tried :]

  39. Connie Bolick Lee says:

    I cake I remember the best is the coconut pound cake my mom made me for my 50th birthday.

  40. Congratulations on 1 year and 5000 fans! What an amazing giveaway!

  41. kailani funkhouser says:

    My most memorable birthday cakes were the ones my grandma made for me. She passed away when i was still just a teenager, but i love having memories of the barbie and doll cakes she would make for my sister and i.

  42. A beautiful blonde cabbage patch kid cake when I turned the fine age of five!

  43. Heather says:

    My wonder woman cake when I was 7. I so loved her dearly!!!

  44. One birthday, my friend’s mom made me a small white chocolate layered cake. It had white chocolate leaves for decoration. It was simple and classic. It was also the most delicious cake I’ve ever eaten!

  45. I don’t really have that many memories concerning birthday cake…lots about presents and activities but not so much about the cake. The one that stands out the most would be the first birthday cake I made for myself. My mom didn’t want me to do it but I really wanted to try. I HATED IT! lol, I am a total perfectionist. I thought I could make this cute cake with little frosting flowers all over it. The flowers turned out somewhat ok…but I tried to freehand the lettering – that turned out less than even and lovely. Though I thought the cake looked bad, it did inspire me to learn more about cake decorating. I definitely don’t have any talent with it, but I can now at least turn out a decent, simple birthday cake. Freehand lettering, however….that’s still a work in progress! :)

  46. My most memorable cake was one my husband got for my 21st birthday. It was dark chocolate with a super chocolatey frosting and it had super cute martini glasses all over it. It was awesome!

  47. Linda G (Bloobyrd) says:

    My most memorable cakes, were the ones my mom made for me (& my brothers) for my birthday. Nothing fancy, just whatever flavor I asked for that year. I remember them because she used her old cake pans (2part hole in the center) and used bread to fill in the hole and iced it so it would look like a “whole” cake. Best tasting bread EVER!!~I loved them and the time I spend with my mom baking “my” birthday cakes.

  48. Astrid Fillion says:

    My most memorable birthday cake was on my 11th birthday .. My mom bought me a chocolate cake, layered with chocolate pudding. Basically the it’s all CHOCOLATE .. cake – pudding – cake – pudding! Because I was so clingy to my mom ( I was 11, so yeah I was really clingy), she took me to her monthly community meeting (she’s the treasurer) and we celebrated my birthday .. I can still remember the taste of the cake until now!!!!! The lady that made the cake passed away a few years ago, I didn’t have the chance to order another one when I went home to Indonesia last year. I never had another memorable birthday cake or any birthday cake for that matter after that until I came to Kodiak and met with Rachel, the talented Fondant Flinger. Most days I just wanted to ask her to make a cake just because I want to see her creativity flowing .. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  49. Mallorie Valdez says:

    My mom made me a three tiered cake and made each layer match one of my coach purses and it was just beautiful.. I love Coach and the fact that she made my cake to match the purses was just amazing :)

  50. Marlyn Adames says:

    The cake I made for my 27 birthday. It was three tiers, one a pillow shape, one a corset cake and one a garden cake. It was great!

  51. I don’t have a memorable birthday cake. I’ve been baking for a LONG time so I always made everyone else’s cakes. Plus, I was never really a fan of eating cake unless my grandmother or I made it. I do however have a memorable birthday cake replacement memory. I love pizza so for my birthday one year we had pizza for dinner and put candles in it INSTEAD OF a cake. Does that count?

  52. Amparo Hubbard says:

    My most memorable cake was one that my mom used to bake it was apineapple cake with whiipedcream frosting. It was yummy.

  53. Suzanne DiFilippo says:

    All the birthday cakes my mom made me growing up. Now I carry on tradition with my three!

  54. LaDonna says:

    Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! My most memorable birthday cake was for my 5th and 30th brthdays. Strange I know. I’ve never had a store bought cake for my birthday. My wonderful mom has always made them. For my 5th she made a Strawberry Shortcake Cake (popular cartoon in the 80’s). I loved it I thought it was the most beautiful cake I had ever seen. When I turned 30 I had a Grown and sexy red and white bash. My mom was in charge of the cake with the help of a local bakery she made a large version of my 5th bday cake.

  55. Kristin Brown says:

    I am a brand new fan! Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! I have been baking for a few years now and have just recently gotten really interested in it, my favorite thing to do is cookies! Good luck in your future!

    • Kristin Brown says:

      As a kid, I never really liked cake, so most of the I got cookie cake! Now that I am older, I make my own birthday cakes!

  56. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations on your success, you do beautiful work! It is great to see you giving credit to the Lord! :) My mom never decorated cakes, but every year she would bake us whatever kind of cake we requested. Every single year without fail (I am a creature of habit) I requested (and still do!) either chocolate cake or raspberry cheesecake. Now that I have small children of my own I go crazy trying to give them the most fantastic elaborately decorated cake I can, and honestly, as long as it’s cake, I don’t think they would really care if it was decorated or not!

  57. Laura Pokas says:

    Congrats! What an exciting give away. Thanks for the opportunity to enter :)

    When it comes to memorable cakes, one always comes to mind… the bunny we made every Easter from a found cake, cut in half with a wedge cut out for the tail and covered in buttercream and white coconut.

  58. Hmmm, my most memorable cake….probably the year my mom took me to the store to “pick up a few things” for my bday dinner, then she had me pick out my own cake. It was funny. I had just started making cakes and sweets and I think she was a little intimidated and didn’t want to “compete” with my cakes.

  59. Last year for my 6 year old I made a 2 teir spa cake. The bottom layer was funfetti and the top layer was orange creamsicle. It was covered in homemade marshmallow fondant, yummy. I made a little girl dressed in a robe with blonde hair just like Olivia, along with rolled up towels, cucumber slices, eye mask, eye shadow pallet, blush, hand mirror, and curlers all out of colored homemade fondant. It was a lot of work but so worth it:)

  60. Wendy N. says:

    We were a military family and usually being transferred around my birthday (also a June birthday) So a birthday cake for me was usually an ice cream sundae, or whatever was considered a “special” dessert at whatever restaurant we happened to stop at during our travels. On the rare occasions that we were not moving, my mother would make me the most amazing homemade german chocolate cake. I remember waiting anxiously as she baked the cake and chopped the nuts and shredded the coconut. She was lucky if my brother and I didn’t sneak too many bits so that she would have enough to make the frosting and filling. My mother has since passed and I regret that I never had her teach me her recipe. I have not yet tried to duplicate it as I am afraid that it would not taste the same without the most important ingredient, her love

  61. Rosemary Ling says:

    Haha one of my most memorable cake was when my Mom was gone so my dad and brothers and sister put candles in the hostess cupcakes! Lol =) it was wonderful!

  62. I never had an awesome cake, or this amazing party but I did always have a party. I have 11 brothers and sisters and had to suffer through many dinners that I did not enjoy, however on that day, that sweet birthday dinner day, as the birthday girl I got to pick the dinner meal and the cake, it was awesome! And all credit goes to mom :) Love your work!

  63. I remember a chocolate cake with pink edges and a bear on it. My mom has always made the best tasting cakes and most the time they look great too.

  64. Shanna Hall says:

    I don’t really have a memorable birthday cake. Sad, I know. All I remember growing up is either sharing a half blue, half pink with my twin brother, or having my own pink cake, and he having his own blue. Never anything fancy, but they were always yummy.

  65. Haejin Han says:

    My most memorable cake was my wedding cake. It was made by a professional pastry chef who owns own shop in San Diego ( She made a about 6″ round vanilla color fontant with butterflies running down on the side, and the flavors were dulce de leche icing with cuban rum ^_^ It was really delicous! And additionally, we ordered about 26 small dome shaped chocolate ganache cake which were about 3.5″ at the base. Displayed it on acrylic cake display with changing lights in the pillars :) It was really pretty and she gave me such a great deal, and my husband’s cousin brought them all the way from San Diego to Lake Tahoe for us.

    I’m not much of a baker, so it always fascinates me how pretty the cakes can be. I plan to order a Korean traditional themed cake from a local baker for my son’s first birthday!

  66. Congrats on your first year…and many more to come for sure:) I’m starting my Bakery training in August! I’ve been doing the same thing as you at home. I really love what you do and would of loved to meet you and learn new things with you….when I saw where tyou were from!!!! We are to far apart:) So I follow your incredible work via FB. I hope you are very proud of what you achieved in the past year:)

    My cake story… my daughter’s first Bday cake. I send my husband to get the cute cake I had ordered. He gets home with it, and I still ask myself WHY he went for the back door???? I see him going around the house and as I open my mouth to tell him DON’T DROP IT… It’s already too late. I look down, the box is still close but the cake is face down and the guest will be here in about half an hour:( So I open it and try to fix it and it’s not too bad. Put everything in the fridg. I go back to what I was doing when I hear: Oh-OH!! My 4 years old son (at the time) wanted some apple juice. YES, THE JUICE IS ALL ON THE CAKE INSTEAD OF BEING IN THE GLASS…. So we never had cake that day and my daughter had a bad fever and slept all afternoon. So no pics of the cake nor my baby girl for her first Bday. :(

  67. Rachel W. says:

    I made a dinosaur cake for my sons 4th birthday party – very adventurous for me, but his face said it all!

  68. What a great give away. I would have to say my most memorable birthday cake came from my Mother in Law ( before she was my mother in law) She made me a 3D Teddy Bear cake that was not only adorable but delicious too. She also gave me a gift certificate for my first Wilton cake decorating classes which is where I fell in love with the art of cake and cupcakes. I thought I read somewhere that you are relocating to New Orleans. (???) I hope I read that anyway. Would love to meet you. We will greet you with open arms :)

  69. Joellen says:

    Every year growing up my grandmother (the best cook I know) would make me a daffodil cake. I used to look forward to those cakes so much and have missed them every year for the past 13 years. Last year my husband, who isn’t the best cook, hired Rachel (THE Fondant Flinger) to make me a belated birthday cake since he was underway for my 30th birthday. That cake has to be the most personalized cake I have ever received. It was a jewelry box with a fondant charm braclet with the charms representing aspects of my life. I loved it and would love to win! :)

  70. Melissa says:

    For my 32nd birthday, my present was the family trampoline. I loved it and was so excited about it! My husband and the kids made me a 9inch round cake decorated to look like the trampoline with grass at the base and everything. The candles were the posts of the net…it was awesome!

  71. I have two great birthday cakes! This year my sister made me an amazing cheesecake that was super delicious. The other memorable cake was one that my friend and I made for her son’s birthday – It was a pirate ship complete with chocolate frosting “boards” on the outside and whoppers for cannon balls. It was pretty fun to make.

    I have really enjoyed getting to know you this year. I am so sad that Noah won’t be in our class next year :( I hope he finds an amazing preschool and makes lots of new friends!

  72. laura hand says:

    my most memorable cake is a peppa pig cake l made for my grand daughters 2nd birthday. l have always dabbled in cake making, but after looking at sites on facebook and reading how people like yourselves make and decorate cakes useing different techniques l have improved. the cake was a hit and people thought l was a proffesional cake maker. so it is thanks to people like you who post their cakes that l have improved

  73. Congrats Rachel! 😀 Hmmm most memorable cake….I guess I would have to say ones I mom did growing up, nothing special just boxed cake mix baked in a rectangle pan with jar frosting on it, but we could never afford grocery store cakes and sometimes I still crave someone to make me a cake like that. I seriously have tried to get Trevor to but I think he is just waiting till the kids learn cake decorating and he never has to worry about it again!

  74. Brandi Davis Bryant says:

    My favorite birthday cake was a vanilla cake with cooked chocolate frosting and pecans that my Grandma made when I was little. It was a piece of Heaven baked by an Angel. Thanks for this amazing giveaway. Good luck everyone. Happy one year anniversary!



  75. My most memorable cake was when my sisters made a homemade cake for me and my twin. It was wonderful as it was made with so much love…:-))

  76. Abbey Rothenberg says:

    My most memorable birthday cake was not a birthday cake at all. For my 18th birthday, my parents got me a cake made up of locally made jelly doughnuts! There was a chocolate plaque on top that said Happy 18th Birthday! It’s been 10 years, and I still think about it!

  77. What a great giveaway! My most memorable cake was the one I made my son for HIS first birthday! :)

  78. Congratulations on 1 year! Most memorable birthday cake was one my mom made me that looked like a barbie!

  79. First of all, congratulations on reaching this milestone! In one year to have achieved so much already says a lot about your talents, praise God indeed! My most memorable birthday cake was the Winnie the Pooh cake I made. It was my first time making fondant characters at all, and by the time I was done making Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger, I didn’t want to let them go lol! They were so cute, and strategically placed on this 3 tiered cake. When they came to pick it up, her reaction was worth it all, beaming!

  80. LaVonne says:

    My most memorable birthday cake was my 30th birthday, I had my eyes set on this tall – beautiful pink cake….
    My friend ended up ordering it from our local baker! It was SO tall in person! It was covered in pink fondant with a big white bow on top!

  81. My mom makes the most amazing German chocolate cake! I request it for my birthday every year!

  82. My most memorable was my son’s first birthday cake. My cousin (a cake designer) made it for us and it looked and tasted fabulous. More importantly, it was a great way to celebrate the fact that my husband and I actually made it through our first year of parenthood.

  83. I think my favorite cake for my birthday was a cheesecake my husband bought for me after my son was born…the wee little boy tried to shove some candles in, and it was a mess. A beautiful mess.

  84. Congratulations on all your success! My sweet 16 was my most memorable. We had always celebrated birthdays with just my immediate family. My oldest sister wanted to make my 16th birthday extra special so she threw me my first surprise party with friends. We still had an intimate family celebration but having a party with all my friends was amazing! I still remember every detail…the guests yelling surprise, the snacks and, of course, blowing out 16 candles on my dark chocolate fudge cake! Best wishes!

  85. Ansa Hogan says:

    My most memorable birthday cakes was the one I made for my sister. She loves raccoons and i made her a face of a raccoon for her cake. She loved it1
    Lots of nice give aways!

  86. Lisa Pineda says:

    My most memorable birthday cake was for my 21st birthday. My soon to be boyfriend had surprised me with a treble clef design ice cream cake. I absolutely love music & loved that he gave me a sweet & memorable cake. It was amazing & delicious. I hope to win, Congrats on 1 year!!!

  87. Congratulations on your first year, I love your page!!! I have always loved to bake and just in the last couple of years I have learned to decorate. It is so much fun and a stress reducer. I have recently started collecting cake stands, my new hobby!!!

  88. I make cake for a living so im still waiting for someone to make me one …the cake i rememberpost though is my daughters 2nd bday cake …i made her a winnie the poo cake and this was what got me cake decorating

  89. Lyndi Smith says:

    I have to say the most memorable one is the one I made for my daughter’s first birthday. I just really started getting crafty and creative and decided to tackle the cake for her Sweet Shoppe themed 1st birthday. It was hilarious trying to get through it, but it turned out really cute and was complete with gumballs and lollipops.

  90. Cindy M. says:

    My Most memorable cake was my first swirl cake. It was pink and turned out beautifully.

  91. My most memorable cake would be my baby shower cake. It was a 3d giraffe cake that was absolutely adorable=)

  92. Melissa says:

    My most memorable cake was a birthday cake mother in law made for me last year. She came over from England and brought her own dark cocoa powder to make the cake. It was the most decadent chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten. Made especially for me. I felt like a queen!

  93. Christina Walsh says:

    Mine was when I was about 7 years old. It was an awesome bunny cake that was ice cream and looked so real! I think it was one of those Baskin Robbins ones, but it still sticks with me for some reason!
    But every year I request an ice cream cake!

  94. Congrats on the one year mark! Actually my daughter’s birthday was last week and I decided to make a from-scratch cake. I love to bake but I’m honestly not a fan of most homemade cakes and prefer the artificial taste of box mixes (crazy, I know) So I used a recipe from sweetapolita which was a little tricky but the payoff was immense! I think this will be my go-to ‘birthday cake’ recipe from now on. Here it is:

  95. I wish I had a best birthday cake story for you, but the truth is my family always resorted to Carvel Ice Cream Cakes for every birthday. I guess with 5 kids you really can’t expect much more lol. I taught myself to make beautiful fondant cakes for my son ;). I hope that if asked this question in the future he might have a more elaborate and wonderful story to share. 😉 Congrats on your 1 year, your work is flawless!!!

  96. brenda dubois says:

    CongradulationsI You make such beautiful cakes etc! I hope one day to do the same. but I know its alot of hard work!
    The most memorable cake is my Grandmothers coconut cream cake,I asked for it every birthday I had.
    Thanks for the giveaway! Brenda

  97. My Grandma baking me strawberry cake with strawberry icing in a heart shaped pan. I requested this every year when I was little.

  98. My most memorable birthday cake was a jungle safari cake with cute little animals. Congrats on your milestone! What a wonderful giveaway!

  99. Kristin Carole says:

    My grandmother baked me a cake once with a barbie doll in the middle and the cake was her “skirt”. I LOVED it!! She passed away last July and I’m getting married this Fall so I’d love to do a “brides” cake of something similar in honor of her!

  100. Such a sweet giveaway! My most memorable birthday cake was the one my Mom maid me for my Sweet 16th Birthday Party! It was pink, sparkly, and totally perfect for the girl’s dinner party we had at my house. My Dad wore a tux and “served” our dinner. I had a little bell I could ding when we wanted something – it was amazing to be “Queen” for the day :)

  101. THe most memorable cake I got would have to be the one for my BIG 4-0! We found a lady that baked and it was just like the ones my mommy used to make for us. It brought tears to my eyes when I tasted it and it teletransported me to my childhood.

  102. Wafaa S. says:

    Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! My favorite birthday cake was not my own, it was my oldest son’s first birthday cake. The reason it was my favorite is not because of how nice it looked or how good it tasted, it was because of the meaning. We did not expect our baby to make it through his first year of life. By his first birthday he had already had 3 heart surgeries, with more to come. So for his birthday we invited everyone who supported us through that difficult year, over 100 people. We reserved a picnic shelter at our local park that had a view, just past the river, of the Children’s Hospital that saved his life. June 3 we will be celebrating another giant milestone, he will be turning 10. I may just have a new favorite cake after that day.

  103. My most memorable cake was when my grandmother would make them. I have a twin sister and she would always make each one of us our favorite. Mine was yellow cake with choc icing. She made this incredible choc icing that you had to boil to mel the choc and my mom could never duplicate the icing. It was soo good that I will always remember her cakes!

  104. i was a hard worker and a nerd at high school. so everybody called me a cow. and got me many cow memoiblia.
    and for my 18th birthday party, my dearest parents ordered a surprise cake in the shape of a cow(a sweet one). and thought i got a little bit mad, and felt awful in front of my friends, then years later i laugh everytime i remember that day. : )

  105. Thank you for all the inspiration you give to everyone and thank you for the opportunity to win these awesome prizes! My most memorable cake I believe was for my second birthday…It was a stand-up panda bear! By the looks of the pictures it was delicious!

  106. My Mom made me a cake when I turned 6, that was decorated in an easter theme with little yellow chicks and baby bunnies. Although she wa no expert I love that cake. She put lots of love into it and it and it made me feel very special

  107. Molly Morris says:

    So happy you are happy! That is what life is all about. Wishing you many more years of fondant happiness!

  108. Guelcys P says:

    My most memorible bday cake was a Snow White cake I had for my 5th birthday.

  109. My wedding cake! It was a fondant DJ turntable because our theme was music and my husband was a DJ. Plus it was passion fruit flavor which was different and very yummy! Happy early bday, my husband has the same bday as you!

  110. Lorena Brown says:

    Congratulations on your 1 year!!!! My most memorable cake(s), more than 1, had to be those my mom and I made from scratch. They were not fancy but they did turn out delicious. What is most memorable really was the time I shared with my mom. She passed at 49 and I treasure those special memories with her the most.

  111. Laurie (Cookie Bliss) says:

    What an amazing give-away! And congratulations on your milestone! Your work is amazing!

    My most memorbale cake (cakes) were the ones my mom made in her old rectangular aluminum pan! :) She was NOT a baker so they were never fancy but the fact that she made the effort even when it was not her forte was so awesome. She even managed to sneak one into camp some how (I have a summer birthday and we were camping!)

  112. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. I am just beginning a blog of my own. Thanks for a chance to win.

  113. Wendy Byde says:

    My most memorable birthday cake was when I was in 4th grade. My mom decorated the entire thing by hand to match the birthday decorations she’d purchased. It had a picture of Ziggy and his dog on it! This was obviously before all of the genius cake-making tools and fondant and fondant toppers were invented. You can probably tell that it was pretty long ago since most people don’t even remember who Ziggy is! hehe!
    Thank you so much for hosting this great giveaway! Congrats on this one year milestone! :) What a reason to celebrate!

  114. my most memorable birthday cake was unfortunately not a happy occasion! My birthday is close to Christmas and was at the end of the fall semester, so one year in college when i was throughly put upon that no one was able to break away from studying from finals and I got the ‘we’ll celebrate at Christmas’ line, i went to the grocery store by myself and got a frosting smothered birthday cake for one! Ate it all up and had a horrible headache and felt none the happier on my (forgotten) day. I vowed then that all cake would have to be worth it and a cause for celebration–even if it meant having to wait a few days or weeks to be with my family and friends.

  115. First of all, congratulations on this milestone! Second, a happy early birthday! What a great day! (June 6 is my wedding anniversary day.)

    My most memorable birthday cake would likely be the straw hat my mother made to match the crafts we were making at the party. She also made me a cabbage patch kid cake and an adorable clown holding candies. About a year and a half ago, I started making cakes for my kids birthdays – a buzz lightyear, an elmo jumping out of a cake, a big bird, and a pirate and pirate’s hat. I hope they are as memorable to my kids as my mother’s cakes are for me.

  116. Hm I cant think of my most memorable birthday cake! I make all the cakes for my family so I dont usually make my own. This year in September though my 4 year old niece has already told me she will be making my birthday cake for me. She has been talking about it since her birthday last October and how excited she is to make a cake for me! I cant wait to see it!

  117. Maddie Froman says:

    The most memorable cake to me would be when I was nine my mother made a ladybug cake (my favorite insect). She had layered it with a white chocolate cake and a raspberry filling. It took her all day to make it. I remember I couldn’t go in the kitchen all day because mom was cooking and I sat in my room most the day. It made my day because she spent so much time on it and it turned out great.

  118. My absolute favorite birthday cake was very simple – and that’s why I loved it. My mom agreed, after several years of making other types of cakes, to make a “boring” one. At my request, the cake was a round vanilla with vanilla frosting. THat’s it. And it was perfect. :)

  119. Erica P says:

    My mom had always made, mine and my twin sister’s cakes. She would make a 1-2-3-4 cake with homemade caramel frosting with colored piped frosting on the top and bottom and would pipe happy birthday in a not so pretty way, but it came from my mom’s love her children to make our cakes from scratch. But they were always delicious.

    Congratulations! On your one year anniversary.

  120. A tradition in my family, my mom made me a homemade ice cream cake for my birthday one year (I don’t remember when). Each time, the birthday person got to pick the flavors of the ice cream, and I chose orange sherbert and vanilla to make a dreamiscle ice cream cake. It was fantastic!

  121. Amber Eames says:

    My most memorable birthday cake was the one my mom made me for my 10th birthday. It had pink and purple frosting with tons of roses. It was so beautiful I didn’t want to eat it! LOL

  122. Sylvia Velasquez says:

    The year my mom made me a barbie cake when I was 7, after the singing was done and it was time to cut the cake I freaked out when they pulled the doll part out and it had no legs. It was just the doll torso on a stick. I still ate the cake so I couldn’t have freaked out that bad =)

  123. Araceli says:

    Congrats on your anniversary! I’ve just started baking and cake decorating and I absolutely LOVE IT! Keep on being fabulous!

  124. my most memorable cake i remember a big one whit coconut on top green coconut as grass and strawberry shortcake ( the cartoon ) and all my friends on a party , i dont remenber that much coz i was very little but i do remember i loved the cake!

  125. Shanna Uptergrove says:

    My sister and I had a joint party- we had a really pretty rainbow cake! Pictures and everything, we were only 4 and 5 at the time. LOVED it! t gmail dot com

  126. Sar Tann says:

    What an awesome and very generous giveaway. Thank you for this chance. :)

  127. Annette says:

    Wow!!! Ffirst I would like to congratulate you on your 1st anniversary and wish you many, many more anniversaries of baking/decorating. Thank you for sharing your work.

    My most memorable cake… the one my parents bought me as a kid in shape of a boat. It was my dream cake (for a time i argued that it was given to a sibling. Until I saw the picture and realized… Cake was for me! I was a kid and I just knew I loved the cake.)
    The most memorable I ever made??? The first one I ever made after taking the Wilton Method of Cake decorating course-ions ago. It was orange with pink… It had piped clowns and the head was plastic toothpick type -along with cupcakes to match. I made it for my niece and I can safely say, she still loves that I made that cake for her. lol

  128. Carissa says:

    I would have to say the times my mom would bust out her at home decorating kit and go all out as best as she could with making us kids the coolest cakes she could dream up.

  129. AMBER ANDERSON says:

    My most memorable cake isnt really a homemade cake. My mom and i love Baskin Robbins Ice Cream cakes and when i got older she let me pick out which one i wanted. One year i picked out the one that had a bunch of tiny ice cream cones on top and i got to pick the ice cream flavor that went in each one! All of my friends got to have thier own mini ice cream cone and so did my mom! It was a great birthday and so was the cake!

  130. Kimberley says:

    My most memorable birthday cake my mother made when i was around 7. It had a balerina cutout on top and i was in love with ballet at the time. My mother always made us beautiful cakes but that one i have always remembered. (funniest thing i was soon after asked to leave ballet as i had no balance or coordination).

  131. Lorena Pardo says:

    This year, my hubby and kids made my cake for me without any help from me at all. It was carrot cake and frosted/decorated with lime green and hot pink cream cheese icing. It was the first cake that I didn’t have to make for myself since going to culinary school 14 years ago. I enjoyed it immensely!

  132. There was 7 of us growing up. She wasn’t a baker. So whatever cake she made for our birthdays we’re special to us.

  133. My Daughter’s 3rd Birthday cake and it was my first fondant cake, I never took any classes, I just watched alot of YOUTUBE videos… thank you for all those that posted their instructional videos….!!
    Congrats Fondant Flinger :)

  134. my most memorable cake was one I made for my daughters whose birthdays were 2 weeks apart so we combined them into one party. They each wanted their own so I created 2 separate spring hat cakes each with their own personality and the girls loved them.

    Congratulations on your anniversary and here’s to many years to come! Happy Decorating!!

  135. My most memorable birthday cake was my first year with my husband and he made it for me himself. He was so proud and so excited to do something for me…it wouldn’t have cared if it tasted like dog food…it was the best cake I’ve ever gotten :)

  136. Tiffany says:

    Mine would have to be my sons 4th Birthday in heaven. The cake was in the shape of a cloud with an Angel on top, it was perfect! we had a small party and let balloons go.

  137. My most memorable birthday cake is the Titanic my aunt made for me – yes I was a lovestruck teenager who saw Titanic in theaters the day it came out and 8 more times after that before it left theaters! So my aunt made a quarter-sheet cake with a big Titanic butt sticking up out of the “water” after it crashed – sad probably but I LOVED it and was so amazed she got this hunk of cake to stand up in the air! That’s what made me want to start decorating cakes myself and now I love making cakes for friends and family. I love your stuff, you are so talented!

  138. I had a Tom and Jerry cake when I was around eight years old. I loved it. It was one of the only cakes I remember having as a child, so it must have made a lasting impression.

  139. Hi, Your cakes are beautiful! My most memorable birthday cake was a key lime cheesecake my husband made me – yum!

  140. Roxane Daigle says:

    Love looking at all of your creations. Amazing!! Just getting in to the baking business as a homebased hobby. You are an inspiration.

  141. It wasn’t MY personal cake, but I loved making my daughter her very own Barbie cake!!

  142. Angela Willis says:

    My Mother would always bake homemade cakes for me for my birthday, but I was never allowed to enter the kitchen while she was baking or decorating it! It was so fun to wonder what it would look and taste like, and as the cake baked it was kind of like torchure not to be able to lick the beaters, etc. I remember a beautiful angel food cake with pink icing dipping down the sides and little dancing ballerinas on the top it was incredibly beautiful and tasted fantastic!


  143. Amy Pryor says:

    My favorite birthday cake has to be the bunny cake my mom made me for my first five birthdays! She took so much tine and put so much heart into it! She made me another one a couple years ago and it brought tears to my eyes!

  144. We had a huge extended family and I always celebrated my birthday with my brother who’s birthday was 8 days before mine. My favorite cake was the one I had at the very first birthday I had just for me! :)

  145. First off, congratulations rachel! i cant believe you are just a year old. you have accomplished so much and do such wonderful and beautiful creations. i love love love your work… now to answer your question… my favorite birthday cake was the one i had on my 6th birthday. It was a sheet cake that had strawberry shortcake characters on it , and the house was made of some breakable ceramic material. all the kids wanted a piece of the decor that by the time the happy birthday song was done… my cake was a mess it looked like it had been stomped on by an elephant. the strawberry house was shattered and all the figures missing. of course the little drama queen (me) cried and hid under the table for a good 10 mins. hahaha i just realized i made it sound like it was the worst birthday memory ever (maybe so, when i was six) but looking back, i think it still is my favorite cake to this day. :)

  146. Crystal says:

    My favorite birthday cake was a cake that my husband made me. I hate to say it but it was the most horrible looking thing I have ever seen lol!!! He had never baked previously but tried so hard. It was such a special cake, regardless of it’s look. It was one that will go down in the memory books for a long time.

    Truly a special cake!
    Thanks for offering such a wonderful contest!!! GOod luck everyone!!

  147. I cut out butterfly cake my mom made me when I was little. My mom is awesome at whatever she does and I hope to be able to be that way too someday.

  148. My favorite cake was one that I always requested from my mom- an ice cream cone cake! :)

  149. Ann-Marie says:

    My Most Memorable Birthday cake is When I was 12 my Mother decided she would make me a birthday cake from scratch. I loved tropical flavors so she devised her own recipe. She began baking the cake…it smelled heavenly! It wasn’t elaborately decorated or anything she didn’t have a fancy frosting. I think the Frosting was stabilized Whipped cream mixed in to a cream cheese frosting. She called it The Hawaiian cake. It had mandarin oranges, pineapple, coconut, rum…It was Fabulous! To this day that is my favorite cake! She decorated the Top with some of the fruit and coconut shavings she had left! I also thought it was the most Lovely cake I had ever seen! She made it for my birthday every year til a few years ago when she had a stroke and was no longer able to. I make it once and every great while and remember How blessed I am to have a lovely family and child hood. Ahhhh I think I will make that cake for the weekend! 😉

  150. Marsha Watson says:

    My most memorable birthday cake was for my 13th birthday. My mom had a neighbor lady make the cake that was square and had two sets of legs on it and down the sides with shoes. One boy and one girl dancing. The inscription said “The dancing machine is now 13” Cool thing is that is the very cake that peeked my interest in cake decorating and now thirty years later I am hooked on cake decorating.

  151. My favorite birthday cake was this year for the hubster. It’s my fav because I baked it with my 3 1/2 yr old daughter. It was very simple vanilla cake in a small silicone heart without frosting (he doesn’t like frosting). She was sooooooo excited to give it to daddy when he got home from work! Along with her caterpillar (how the heck do you spell that????) bday card she made!

  152. I would love to win these great items you are giving away. My favorate cake would be when my aunt did cakes before she passed away, I would help her do them. She inspirted to me make cakes. I have been working on doing some things for donation, because I don’t have my licenses yet or a place to bake in. I live in Illinois and you can’t bake in your home and sell. Thanks for offering this great giveaway.

  153. Arita Harrison says:

    My most memorable cake was for my 16th birthday, my mom was a cake decorator and she made me a beach themed cake…I loved i!

  154. Kathryn says:

    My most memorable birthday cake was the one that my uncle’s sister made for me and two cousins when we were little – she was a genius when it came to buttercream, and she’d make these insane cakes with whatever characters we were into at that age. One year it was this crazy-detailed Little Mermaid cake; I don’t know how long it took her to make, but it was amazing! I’ll never forget it.

  155. My favorite birthday cake was the one my hubby made for me last year — hazelnut cake, with chocolate hazelnut filling, with chocolate hazlenut buttercream, topped with toasted candied hazelnuts — yes it was incredible, and yes I’m a lucky girl!!

  156. Jessica Jimenez says:

    AWESOME, AMAZING giveaway!!!! Thanks so much.
    all of the venodrs are just so talented keep up that amazing work!!!
    thanks for the opportunity and GOOD LUCK TO ALL :)

  157. Jennifer Leonard says:

    My most memorable birthday cake was when I was probably 7 or 8 years old. I had a Flintstones cake, which was just a simple sheet cake done at our local grocery store bakery. Now that I do “fancy” cakes, I realize that cake didn’t look like anything special. But it was for my birthday, I loved the Flintstones, and I thought the cake was awesome!

  158. My most memorable birthday cake was a small little rainbow ice cream cake my grandmother bought me when we first moved back to Mexico. I was too young to understand the stress and financial pinch my parents were in but I knew that night was all about me and that cake made me feel very special and loved. OMG I’m tearing up over here :)

    Congratulations Rachel!!! I am soo happy for your success and huge milestone reached. Wish you many many more!!

  159. My most memorable cake was for my 30th birthday, its in July and my friend was a cake decorator and he made me a beach themed cake…I loved it so much!

  160. Probably a soccer themed cake when I was young….I thought it was great!

  161. I honestly don’t have a memorable birthday cake that was memorable to me but I do remember my mom always made a very big deal about our birthdays! We always had a party where she dressed us all up! Congratulations on making one year and over 5,000 fans!! :)

  162. Lei Anne Westfall says:

    My most memerable birthday cake was my 50th. Both my daughters and husband had me make this 2 tiered cake for a bank personel and come to find out it was mine. I worked so hard making it perfect. Congratulations on 1st year. I am starting my 3rd year and love this hobby!

  163. I remember my 14th birthday and my parents were out of town. I had to have my birthday at the neighbors and made my own cake! I was feeling a little neglected, but the neighbors were very nice.

  164. My birthday is the day after Christmas so I got only a couple cakes for my birthday and they were homeade with store bought candy decorations which I thought was so grand!!! Now my aniversary is Dec 27th so I get cheated out of that one too lol

  165. My Most memorable birthday cake would have to be one that wasn’t for me but the one I just made for my daugher who turned 16 this past Saturday. I loved every minute of it she actually had two as we had two parties for her but all in a mother’s love I would do it over and over again!!

  166. Any cake my mom made for my birthday was special… especially if it was chocolate!

  167. The cake I remember is the one that was for my 30th birthday, from my husband. But my birthday is close to christmas so usually there is no need for cake with all the christmas cookies. But my kids will most definatly remember their cakes because their Mom is having so much fun making them!

  168. O.K. I think I’m figuring out how to post a comment. 😉 My most memorable birthday cake was my older brother’s. My mom made it, and it was a wagon full of candy. It is one of my earliest memories.

  169. My most memorable birthday cake for myself was one my grandfather made for my 21st birthday. It was red velvet with dark chocolate icing, my favorite. And on top he had a triple H doll (wrestler) and photo LOL I was a huge fan of wrestling and they knew how much I loved HHH so he thought he would be funny. :)

  170. Anita Larmore says:

    Growing up with a nickname of “Fudd,” I just naturally collected pigs. This inspired pigs every year for my birthday as well. They were not fancy cakes; just box mixes, but there was and is something special about that familiar taste & the accompanying bulk candy that my mom carefully chose, and creatively designed with. My mom still makes the best icing and her cakes will always be my favorite. On the rare year that I get to be home wtth my mom on my birthday, I am still thrilled with her old Betty Crocker pig cake.

  171. It’s hard to pick between two favorites. They are speci because if the people. I did a 3 tiered cake with gumpaste roses for my grandmothers 90th birthday. It was my first stacked cake and also first time to make roses. It was for 90 people. My last one was a mermaid themes birthday cake for a friend of mines little girl. What made it do special was my closest friend came and spent the day with me and I taught her how to do everything. It’s was the longest day ever for the size of the cake i was doing but it was worth staying up until 2am to be able to spend time with her. We never get to see each other anymore.

  172. My most memorable birthday cake was actually for my brother-in-law, a replica of his ’79 Trans Am

  173. Aleisha Daniels says:

    Most memorable cake would be the one my dear husband suprised me with :) too sweet!

  174. Most memorable birthday cake for me was actually a cake flop. when i first got married i told my husband my favorite cake was red velvet. so when my birthday rolled around he decided he was going to bake my cake. i know, so sweet. only problem was he really wasn’t a baker. great cook, awful baker, lol. anyway, he did not bake it long enough and it was this doughy mess that was just bad. we had a good laugh about it and now he lets someone else do the cake.

    Congrats Rachel! hope the next year is just as good or better than the first!

  175. My most memoriable cake happened just last year….. Being a cake artist, who makes a cake for you? Well one of my best friends (who happens to also be a cake artist) decided to do a cake for me. It was a 6″ french vanilla cake, with ganache filling. Covered in colored buttercream and decorated with fondant accents. I had a daschund that wrapped all the way around the side of the cake with a party hat on! I love my doxie, and was so happy to receive something that she put so much thought into!

  176. Joanna Doey says:

    Firstly big congrats on your first year and I wish you every success in the future, I think my most memorable cake was the first one I ever baked for my son’s birthday. At this stage he was super Mario mad. His little face when he saw that cake was unforgettable and I knew that was worth more than anything xx

  177. Kristin says:

    My most memorable cake has to be my Cabbage Patch Kid (with red yarn hair frosting bc i’m a red-head) sheet cake from my fourth birthday. I can still see in my head what it looks like. I loved it! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  178. Rikki-Dee says:

    I make cupcakes, so the most memorable birthday cupcakes were the cupcakes I made last month for my little boy. They looked exactly like the ones in the book and the kids loved them. My little boy told me that I make the best monster cupcakes. I love that little boy.

  179. my most memorable cake was not only very recent but not for me! an over the top monster high theme cake for a birthday party I just styled. The girls were so excited about it that I will never forget it!

  180. I got a Barbie birthday cake that was a REAL Barbie an the cake was her dress .. I think I was eight :) year.

  181. Deborah says:

    A boxed yellow cake with chocolate frosting, covered with way too many sprinkles. It was my bday cake this year, and my hisband and 3-year-old made it. Best ever! :)

  182. Congrats on your first year!
    My most memorable cake I have done was for a member at my work. He had cancer and his wife was having a 75th birthday party for him. Soon to find out that it would be his last birthday. I was lucky enough to have made his last birthday cake. He was one of a kind.

  183. My favorite birthday cake was from this year. My younger sister bought me a batman cake that had a toy on top and had them write “Holy Batman Birthday!” I think every year our cakes for each other get more childish :)

  184. Christy says:

    Congrats! Wish you many more years of success! Thank you for the opportunity to enter :)

  185. Congrats on your 1st year! You’re right the online support is amazing, it’s great to make new friends everyday! I just love your work and the work of all the other talented ladies in your giveaway! I guess my most memorable birthday would have to be my daughter’s 1st birthday! We had been living in Holland for just under a year (moved there from Dubai, and before that from South Africa) so we hardly knew anyone. When Keira turned 1 I couldn’t NOT do anything, so I pulled out the muffin tins, which was a 1st as I DON’T bake and made her little cupcakes. I formed them into a 1 and she blew out her candle and munched on the cupcakes like they were the BEST THING SHE EVER TASTED! I felt so proud!! Now I’m planning here 3rd birthday, and I’m happy to say I’ll be more organized this time around!

  186. I have so many wonderful cake memories, it is hard to choose! My first fondant cake was definitely a wonderful memory!

  187. Crystal Rocque says:

    Congrats Rachel! You are an amazing artist and person. :) I wish you all the best for next year too!. Now, most memorable birthday cake….hmmm, would it be bad to admit that while I love cake decorating…I’m not even that crazy about actual cake? I used to request other things for my Birthday treat (once I realized I could do something other than cake) so I can’t honestly remember anything outstanding for my own Birthday. My most memorable/favorite Birthday cake for my family would probably be my daughter’s 1st Birthday cake. I made it WAY before I actually started decorating and I used a Betty Crocker Bake N Fill pan to make a Ladybug cake and then used the insert to make my dd’s “smash” cake…I thought I was very clever. It’s probably a good thing no pics seem to have been taken of it tho…I just may cringe if I saw it now, lol! Good Luck, girlie!

  188. My most memorable birthday cake has to be from the age of about 2 to 12. My grandaddy’s b-day was the day before mine and every year we shared a party together with a barbie doll cake. Never one time did he complain. I love and miss him so much!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!

  189. While not as popular as you, we seemed to set out with the same expectations and ended up with more orders than we could handle.

  190. My most memorable birthday cake was a ‘Bumblebee Cafe’ cake for my daughter’s 22 birthday. The bottom tier was simple enough -chocolate cake with raspberry filling covered in buttercream and fondant. The second tier was not so easy! It was a 3-layer chocolate cake with raspberry filling carved to the shape of a beehive, covered in buttercream and fondant. The problem was, being a newbie to cake decorating as well, I didn’t roll the fondant thin enough and it tore everytime I tried to cover the cake. I finally realized the problem after 3 failed attempts and much wasted fondant. In the end, the cake turned out beautifully and I learned a very important lesson!

  191. Diane Frailey says:

    Every year for my Birthday my Mom used to make me a Grandmother’s Black Black Cake, it was the best tasting cake I have ever had. I could make it today but its just not the same. I miss celebrating my birthday with my Mom but I miss her even more.

  192. I don’t remember a specific cake, just that my twin sister and I always got separate cakes which made us feel special! :)

  193. I feel that my most memorable cake was my daughter’s 1st Birthday cake. It was what got me started on my cake decorating journey. I had originally planned to pay a local lady to make it for me but shortly before her birthday I lost my job. In order to save money I decided to to make it myself. I had seen many cake shows and competitions so I gave it a try. It came out just as I saw it in my mind, no perfect but very proud of myself, after that friends and family started asking me to make them cakes as well and now it’s passion. I hope to keep making and decorating cakes as long as the good Lord lets me.

  194. Normaine says:

    My most memorable cake would have to be my son’s first birthday cake. I had a friend that made fondant cakes but I had never really seen them in person til she made one for my dauther’s birthday. Unfortunately being in the military community meant the friends you meet usually are wuth you for only 2-3 years til someone has to move. My friend had moved and I was motivated to make a cake for my son’s 1st birthday. I had read loads of blogs and watched hours of YouTube videos. I did a safari themed cake and that did it. I was HOOKED! I love making cakes and I will always remember the first cake I made and how it all started.

  195. Diane Tabak says:

    my most memorable Birthday cakes where also the ones my mother made for me when i was a child! From a clown and train up to just a regular cake. She alway put so much love into it!

  196. My mom wasn’t exactly a baker, for some reason, she was afaid to use the oven. However, I do remember she and her sister made me a bunny head cake for my second birthday. It was a beautiful white bunny all covered in shredded coconut and with a bow tie. I still have a photo of me with my buuny cake and I love it!

  197. The most memorable birthday cake was…….. :”( this is too hard. I liked all my birthday cakes! Hahahaha. It was my childhood tradition to go to Baskin Robbins two weeks before my birthday every year to order an ice cream cake. I remember flipping through their design book while eating their pistachio ice cream year after year. Wait, what? A kid likes pistachio ice cream?! Yea… it was an acquired taste/ liking. You see, my dad’s favorite ice cream flavor was and still is pistachio. My siblings and I were obsessed with rainbow sherbet but my dad refused to buy us ice cream unless we were going to get pistachio. I think he wanted his children to take after him… lol although it was semi-forced. Regardless, I am cake greedy so I want to say all my ice cream cakes were my favorite. Maybe I’ll order one this year…

  198. My most memorable cake was the one my husband (then boyfriend) got me for my 30th birthday!! Aside from my childhood birthdays i had never had a boyfriend buy me a cake, despite being married for 6 years previously. My ex husband had never ever bought me cake, so being with Kyle for just 3 months he got me a cake and arranged a small party!! ( we are now married :) That cake was sooo special nobody hadever done that for me before!! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FIRST YEAR!!! I am at the 6 month mark with my business so i know who had it can be!!! xo

  199. marie wickware says:

    It happened two years ago when I got a mile high carrot cake. No kidding it was about 18 inches tall and weight 30 poundcake s I think! Yum!

  200. Brianne says:

    My most memorable birthday cake is actually the 6 layer rainbow cake I made for my 3 year old’s rainbow party. It took a lot of work and a TON of homemade buttercream, but it was well worth it, because she LOVED it. She is 4.5 and still talks about her rainbow cake :)

  201. Marsha Madriaga says:

    My most memorable birthday cake I have received is the one that my best friend’s mom and sister made me last year while we visited them for the first time in over 10 years. For my children, all of their cakes I have made them have been memorable…from a guitar and drum for my oldest boy’s 7th birthday to recently making an angry birds cake for my youngest boy’s 5th birthday.

  202. One of my most memorable birthday’s was when I made my baby shower cake! It was my first fondant cake ever and in the shape of the popular belly. I really didn’t know hard it was until I did that cake for all of my guests! LOL! It sure wasn’t the best but all my friends loved me for it and was surprised I even tried! This July will be 3 years since that first cake and I tell ya, Ive come a long way!!! I respect every artist and now know why my wedding cake costed about $500 over 5 years ago!

  203. Christie says:

    My most memorable birthday cake was the one my mom made the year before she and my dad divorced. We lived with my dad, so it was probably the last cake she ever made. It was a Strawberry Shortcake cake. I was 4 years old and I still remember that cake. I loved everything Strawberry Shortcake. I had all the bedding and dolls. I want to recreate it for my daughter some day, but she just isn’t as into it. She’s 6 going on 20. :)

  204. I hardly remember any of my birthday cakes, so my most memorable cakes moments are ones I’ve done for my kids. I remember the very first decorated cakes I ever did was for a joint birthday for my son and youngest daughter. I had no clue what I was doing, but I had pictures printed from the internet and borrowed tips from a girlfriend. I chuckle when I look back at pictures now, but at the time they were perfect.

  205. Stephanie Nunez says:

    Hello, I have yet to order a cake for my own family, but a few months back, I attended a birthday party for which you made a circus themed cake. Every since then hardly anything compares to your creations. Which is a bummer because my own birthday is in 10 days and i was upset to hear you were completly booked!! :)

  206. Kate Dorsey says:

    I can’t say I really have just one “most memorable” birthday cake… My mom would make our cakes every year, each year with different colors and/or themes. It’s so fun now to look back at all the pictures and see the many many cakes she made us over the years, and by us I mean my 5 siblings and I… It was a LOT of cakes!!! I will never forget the year we tried our hand at making the Barbie Doll Cake, the ones with the life sized Barbie standing up in the middle of it. They were the new “biggest thing” at the time so of course I HAD to have it!! Well, my wish was granted… she just wasn’t a very attractive Barbie… ha ha ha!!!

  207. Beth Kaylor says:

    Congrats! It has been so fun following your designs over the past months. My most memorable cake was actually for my son’s 3rd Birthday. We were at Disney World and Minnie Mouse left a cake in the room for him while we were in the park. The look on his face was priceless.

  208. Whitney Boring says:

    When I was younger, I believe it was my 13th birthday, my mom had always ordered cakes either from a grocery store or a baker. It was just what you did back then. That year, however, my mom decided to make me a cake herself. And bless her heart, she cannot bake. Well, she managed to make the cake (out of a box), without burning it (yay!), and made a caterpillar out of each level of cake. She even used store bought frosting to frost them. I was so touched and still am that she made this.

  209. Oh, my dearest Fondant Flinger queen; thank you for all your wonderful sugar inspiration! One of my faves ( and it’s waaaaay hard to actually pick) is the Indonesian anniversary cake. So cool & unique. My 6 year old says your Millineum (sp?) Falcon is far superior. I’d say it’s amazing too; that cake made him a Star Wars fan when I showed him a picture of the “real” ship. Anyway, congrats on your anniversary!

  210. Amarilis says:

    My most memorable birthday cake was my 25th birthday when my mom made me a pineapple upside down cake. My cakes were always store bought but that year my mom was brave enough to make the cake… after that she started making cakes for the family. Her cakes not always come out the way she wants them to, but they sure taste great!

  211. First Birthday cake after marriage :) It was a surprise cake which two of our friends brought it home by midnight :).

  212. Ashley Swald says:

    My most memorable birthday cake would have to be the one I made for myself this past year. I hadn’t had a birthday cake in over 10 years for myself. This has been my first year making cakes as more than a hobby, so my own cake had to be amazing! I remembered a cake from pictures my mom had shown me from my 1st birthday, it had Miss Piggy on it. So I made myself a 7 layer rainbow cake and hand drew Miss Piggy on the top. I will always remember it because it was a tribute to my 1st birthday and my 1st cake I made myself and it was huge!!!

  213. My most memorable birthday cake was when I was 8 years old. I had a pirate birthday. Everyone came dressed as pirates and I had a HUGE chocolate cake that was a pirates chest filled with gold coins. It was amazing.

  214. Viks Pauls says:

    My most memorable birthday cake was the first birthday cake that I made for my twin girls on their first birthday! I have a photo of them crying as everyone sang happy birthday to them, they were so overwhelmed by the candles and crowd of people singing at them, lol. They were the inspiration for my cake business’ name (cheeky monkey cakes) when I started it a year later, as they are such sweet, cheeky little monkeys! Seven years later, they are big eight-year old girls who are as lovely and sweet as my cakes could ever dream to be <3

  215. Congrats to work is stunning…

    My most memorable Bday cake was the cake I made for myself 2 years ago…it was my first summer baking, so I had no idea what I was doing..
    It did however turn out awsomely yummy…and looked great, with deep red fondant, and a cool red and black flower on top..simple, stunning, yummy…

  216. Well darn, I didn’t hit the button first before leaving a comment. I just hit the button & realized I’m supposed to mention my favorite birthday cake. It would have to be a cake my 3 kids made together for my 40th. We had a party with friends & family but then had a special dinner at home with just the kids & my hubby. The kids baked it from scratch & only had my hubby’s supervision. It tasted horrible, bless their hearts, but I ate every last bite with a smile on my face.

  217. Natali Zidar-Sudduth says:

    The best Birthday cake I ever made, would have to be my 4th sons Blues clues cake. Even though the main cake crash into itself, because I put way to much filling and we drove an hour to celebrate with family, the little Blues clues cake I made for him survived. He kept kissing it and petting it and wouldn’t let anybody touch it. It made my day – I did one thing right by listening to what he really wanted. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. I’m a big fan of yours and totally admire your work.

  218. For as long as I can remember for my birthday my mom would always buy the Dairy Queen cakes that were always the same but they tasted amazing everytime we had one. I have never actually had a birthday cake me from scratch for me but always wished someone would. My birthday is coming up in July and I am a cake baker my self and will probably just create my own birthday cake this year… Or maybe if I post it early some of my customers might make me a special one 😉

    I recently made a birthday cake for a 4 year old girl that loved the cartoon Strawberry ShortCake, It was so fun making it. When she came into my work she was always telling everyone that I made her cake and it was so delicious, since then the father has always ordered from me and will continue to on all of her other birthdays. I`m glad I got into this business because I strive to make that smile on their face and be a cake that they will always remember.

    Thanks for creating an awesome contest and I love looking at all the wonderful cakes you post. I hope to one day have so many fans on my Facebook page :)

    Crystal Reddy from Reddy Made Cakes

  219. My mom used to decorate cakes for fun when I was little. I remember she made me a beautiful doll cake that was pink. I adored it.

  220. I hit the Enter button before leaving my comment about my favorite birthday cake. Two years ago, I made my son a Pirate cake that looked like a Pirate ship and the Captain & Pirates were made out of brownie bites and fondant. It was so fun to do all of the details of the ship and the men. Thank you for this opportunity!!!! :0)

  221. My son’s 1st birthday cake, a monkey cake i made for him but really it was the smash cake I made him. He was so funny! Started off slow but then he realized this tastes good! After that, he just went in face first! He looked at us like he was wondering what was funny! Lol A good day.

  222. Congrats on 1 year! I always enjoy your posts.

  223. My most memorable birthday cake was when I was little, my first smash cake! All chocolate, dee-lish!! :)

  224. My most memorable cake are all the cakes my mom made for me growing up. My sister and I shared a party because her birthday was the next day but she always made sure we each had our own cake.

  225. The birthday cake that YOU made for me! It wast very first non-grocery store birthday cake, and it was delish :)

  226. Tanya Belongia says:

    My son was born on my birthday, so when his first birthday came around, I planned a party for all of our friends and family. My husband planned to take us out for dinner. I was very surprised when he brought out a small cake for me as well. Just a small thing, but the thought was greatly appreciated.

  227. Kelly Longrich says:

    The birthday cake I remember the best was the yellow cake with pink frosting one. My daughter loved the book “Go Dog Go” and at the end of the story the dogs have a party on top of a tree with a yellow cake with pink frosting. What can I say… I was pregnant with my second child and it sounded delicious : )

  228. My favorite birthday cake of all time was the cake my 12 year old made for me this year. She spent months, secretly planning it so that it would be perfect. Thought this was her first solo cake, she started advising my husband on how to make my birthday cakes at the wee age of 5 with the simple query: “You do know to mix all of the dry and wet separately before you mix the dry with the wet?” My extra special cake this year was lemon butter cake with lemon chiffon filling and butter cream frosting from scratch. It looked beautiful and tasted phenomenal. BTW, I hope you have had an extra special birthday!!

  229. Michelle says:

    I don’t have a lot of cake experience, but from what little I do have… I know enough to be flabbergasted and blown away by you and your talents, daily. So very excited for your successes!

  230. Christa Bouchie says:

    Last year I made a friends little girl a Hello Kitty cake.. it was her dream cake she said and she LOVED IT…. I do this as a hobby and am in the process of making my son’s high school graduation cake and the next week a wedding cake with a friend.

  231. Michelle says:

    I just remembered my favorite cake! When I turned ONE, can you believe it, I do remember it! I was in the hospital for a few weeks, and my mom, she made me a cake, well actually, I could not eat cake, so she made me frosting, and brought frosting to me in the hospital. I made a mess, a very happy mess. Thank you for jogging my brain!

  232. Last year I made my sister an all buttercream peacock cake with real peacock feathers included and then colored the inside of the cakes to match with real, green and purple. When the cake was cut the interior looked like the feathers! I was really, really proud of myself!

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