Vintage Circus Spectacular!

You may not know this but I love making cakes.  Who’d have guessed it, right?  But there’s something you probably didn’t know.  Louisiana doesn’t have a cottage law of any sort.  Do you know what that means?!  I can’t bake and sell cakes from home anymore.  Isn’t that devastating?!  I mean, seriously, what on earth am I going to do with all my free time?!  Well, I already have started filling my days with cupcake topper orders so that I can maintain my fondant fix but there’s still nothing like making a cake from start to finish.  That’s why I was thrilled when my friend Melissa let me make her son’s 1st birthday cake!  And even more excited when I found out that she had chosen a vintage circus theme for the party.  What’s not to love about antiqued coloring and way over-the-top font?!



She had 2 cupcakes in addition to the cake so I made these little fellas to accompany the elephant:


and this little seal too:


Thank you, Melissa for letting me make Liam’s cake!


  1. I love this cake it looks awesome!!!
    Can i ask, What cake flavours did you use and what size pans?

    My sister wants a vintage circus cake and I would love to show her yours and hopefully do similar as I think it looks amazing… (Hope you don’t mind) x
    Kind regards

    • Thank you, Trinity! This cake had a bottom tier of 10 inches and a top tier of 8 inches. The flavor of the cake was lemon blueberry, alternating the cake layers with lemon curd and blueberry preserves and lemon curd buttercream.

  2. What is the elephant made of? Is it gumpaste painted? Did you have cookie cutters for the letters or freehand cut them? Are they gumpaste too?

    • The elephant is gumpaste. I freehanded the outline onto gumpaste, used a toothpick to give a bit of texture and then painted him. The letters are fondant and yes, they are freehand as well.

  3. Your talent absolutely amazes me. This and every cake on your site is truly a work of art.

  4. Amazing! we have the “cottage Law” past 2 years in Florida. In fact I think there are more bakers than construction workers now. But Love Love Love your artistry. You are amazingly talented!

    • Thank you, Nancy! Cottage law here in Louisiana goes into effect this August 1st so I’ll be back to creating! Could not be more excited about this!


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