Painted Pansies Cake


A friend of mine asked me to make a cake with pansies for their Mother’s birthday.  Most of the pansy cakes that I had seen we’re pretty much designed in the same way.  I wanted a pansy cake that had some “oomph”, and yet still had some class.  I went with a version of the pansy that mimicked one you would find in a painting.  The birthday lady’s favorite pansy was a blue one so I used a range of blues on my pallette.

I first made the pansies using white gumpaste, and a five petal flower cutter.  I lengthened each petal and used a ball tool to soften the edges.  I elongated one petal on each flower to create the “pansy” look.



I rolled the white gumpaste into a long thin rope and used small sections to create the center.  I then let the pansies set on flower formers to get a more natural shape.

After the flowers dried, I painted them using food coloring and vodka mixed together.  I then positioned the flowers on the cake and painted on the leaves and blue background.



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