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I had the incredible honor of attending Jacqueline Butler’s ( Peony and Sweet Pea class in San Diego this past January and as an added bonus, got to meet another of my favorite cakers, Stevi Auble of Hey There, Cupcake (!  This was the first sugar course that I had ever taken and it was nothing short of amazing.  I was pretty intimidated about attending a class since my favorite sugar tool at the time was a toothpick.  I thought that perhaps my skill level wasn’t advanced enough to take a class with THE Jacqueline Butler and on top of all my insecurities, I had absolutely nothing to wear.  However, the techniques I learned, the tools I became familiar with and the tips shared by Jacqueline have become an essential part of pretty much every aspect of my sugar work.  Since taking this class, I have enrolled in several online courses and I can tell you this.  It is worth it to invest in taking a class in person.  There is nothing like having the instructor there with you, observing and assisting you in learning the correct amount of pressure to use, how to repair a petal that breaks after assembly, how to adjust the petal dust colors to achieve the perfect look and even give you the added encouragement that you did something right!  The online classes and Youtube tutorials are wonderful and very worthwhile but for novices like myself, the experience of having an incredibly experienced sugar master completely dedicated to seeing you succeed is like nothing else.

Jacqueline, Rachel, Stevi

What I found through this class is that taking a sugar course is more than just learning to replicate someone else’s perfect flower. Its about gaining the techniques, confidence and skills in order to create your own version of that flower.  After all, sugar work to me is all about tapping into your own creativity and being able to express yourself through your creation.  Jacqueline’s class was exactly what I needed.  I came home with an enthusiasm and new found love of this sugar art.  Oh and by the way, I will warn you.  Since the moment I walked out of that class, all I can think about is when and where I will be taking my next one.

Below are my photos from my class:

On the drying rack, peony leaves and sweet pea buds:

IMG_6016Petals drying:


My work area:


More supplies:



This was Jacqueline’s sample, which of course was just gorgeous:


Petals drying and forming those beautiful curves:



Center of flower completely assembled with leaves and sweet pea buds drying:



Reminds me of a ballerina tutu:



Side view.  Don’t you love those petals?


View straight on:





Peony flowers completely assembled and awaiting their dusting and leaves.



My glazed leaves drying:

Sweet peas all finished and assembled:



My finished peony:



So if you want my advice, find a class and take the class.  Not only will you learn the incredible techniques of one of the best sugar flower artists, but you may make some new friends too.

Rachel, Jacqueline, Friends


  1. Love this, and Jacqueline’s classes are most certainly top of my wish list! <3

    • Thank you, Becky and oh my goodness, she’s just such a fabulous and easy going instructor. I’d take the same class again since it was so much fun.

  2. If I knew you had a blog, I forgot, and seeing this today made me smile! – getting to meet your sweetness was equal to taking the class – which was composed of all may favorites: friendly females, faith, fellowship,fun and flowers (plus my new friend – “forgetfulness” in misplacing my phone) xoxo getting to learn from Jaqueline and Stevie? FABULOUS! (March begins craziness in Landscape design here in WA – and every plant suggestion I made to a client comes AFTER I’ve studied the plant structure – to ensure it could be copied in sugar – not by me- but by y’all) xoxo

    • The majority of the time, I forget I have a blog too so no worries! I’ve had to neglect it these past months through the move and chaos that comes with that but am trying to get into the habit of keeping it up. What fun that class was and thanks to my lighthearted and friendly row, I was able to not only come out of my shell but have an incredible time. Such fun and I hope its not the last time we find ourselves laughing while sugar crafting. I may have to tap into your knowledge of flowers yet again sometime over the next couple of weeks!! xx

  3. Lucky lucky your Rachel! Your blogpost makes me wanna jump out of bed at this time in the middle of the night and go take a JB class! Lol!
    Sameen x

  4. Magnifique!!!!!

  5. Rachel, your peony looks so real. Congratulations, you are so talented . I am also Jacquline’s fan. I wish some day to meet her. If i may ask, where can i find the plastic device where you dried the petals ? Or tell me the name of it, maybe i can find it somewere in Europe, because i am from Romania. My e-mail address is :
    Thank you in advance. Best regards, Mihaela.

  6. can you tell me, did you make the stamens in the centre of the peonies or do you buy them?

  7. Many thanks. I don’t want to bother your with so much questions, but if you would be so kind to tell me what sugar paste du you use for the flowers? I , for example , use Wilton, but i’m sure there must be something better on the market and i want to improve my works. Once again, many thanks and all the best !

  8. I am Indra from the Caribbean, Trinidad to be exact. I truly amazed at your hand crafted flowers, it gives me great pleasure to look at them over and over. Your technique are very interesting thank you.


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