Review: Cake Design Made Simple – with Rachael Teufel


Rachael Teufel of Intricate Icings has been one of my cake idols for longer than I can remember.  Her approach to cakes using inspiration from fabrics has much aligned with my own designing techniques.  I constantly find myself watching her page for the latest gorgeous creations.  I wanted to dance for joy when I found out that she was one of the latest instructors for Craftsy!  Just imagine having access to one of the greatest cake designers, being able to watch her create, learn her techniques, make notes and, thanks to Crafty’s set up, even ask questions.  Its basically like having Rachael Teufel right there to walk you through your project!  It really doesn’t get much better than that.


In her class, “Cake Design Made Simple”, Rachael teaches a wide variety of techniques with a focus on wedding cake design.  Step by step instructions are included that tackle some areas such as carving, stacking, and covering cakes as well as the techniques behind the finer embellishments, my favorite of course is ruffles and the “sparkly” elements.  Rachael also gives guidance on the design process itself in where to find inspiration, and how to incorporate several inspirational elements on the cake.


There is an overabundance of material to be learned from this class and I think the information learned can be valuable to the beginner as well as the professional cake designer.  I love this class so much that I’m sharing this link for 50% off the Craftsy price.  If you haven’t already purchased this class, don’t wait to do so!  Hurry on over to and start learning from one of the best today!


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