Bow and Stripes Cake



Some days inspiration can appear in odd ways.  While browsing Etsy for baby girl gifts, I stumbled upon quite possibly THE most adorable pair of little girl shoes.  They were natural colored canvas with blue striping and the toes adorned with a cluster of flowers.  After daydreaming for a few minutes on how much fun having a baby girl would be, this cake design popped into my head and voila! This little star was born….which reminds me that I never did end up getting that baby girl gift.  The trouble with inspiration is that it often makes me completely neglect any other  thought processes until the project is complete.  Today, I’ll head back to Etsy where inevitably, I’ll find some other inspiring piece and, again, forget to get the baby gift ordered.




I mixed some gum paste with a bit of spices to get the canvas color and the appearance of small variations in color.  Since the flowers were inspired by flowers made from material, I didn’t use any petal dust or highlighting but instead left them bare.  The bright red pompom was exactly the “punch” of color that I wanted for the mid off-center focal point.   And by mixing in a just a smidge of the red and blue into the green, I was able to get a coordinating green.  Again, I was not trying to achieve realistic flowers or leaves so no highlighting was done on these guys with petal dust.



I mixed a batch of fondant in the same way that I mixed the “canvas” gum paste and covered the top two tiers.  Using Jessicakes’ technique for the application, I finished off the top two tiers with striping.  At first, I had all blue striping on the cake but it just seemed to need something else.  So, I swapped out one blue stripe for a red one, added a bow and some dangling ribbons and was giddy at the outcome.




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