For Cecelia


I just celebrated 12 years of marriage yesterday to my soulmate and best friend.  I remember very fondly planning every detail of our big day while being completely lovesick with my brown eyed surfer.  Believe it or not, the oversight in our wedding planning was in fact, the wedding cake.  At this point, making and decorating cakes was the furthest thing from my mind so I left it to the experts.  I gave them my preferences of “square” with “bamboo and orchid” details and didn’t give the order another thought.  Then at the reception, I saw the monstrosity of a wedding cake that sadly was mine.  A disproportionate round basket weave cake with plastic pillars and that tasted like 5 day old cornbread.  All of the other memories surrounding my wedding day are wonderful….but then, there is that one photo of us with forced smiles next to the ugliest cake in the world.  Perhaps its from this dessert tragedy in my own life that prompted me to go into creating gorgeous cakes.  In any case, when my bride Cecelia contacted me about creating her dream wedding cake, I was determined to give her better memories that I had of my botched basket weave  blunder.


Cecelia has seen a smaller version of this cake that I had done back when we were in Kodiak, Alaska.  That cake, was in fact, my first wedding cake for a wonderful couple.  The cake was designed then to match the bride’s gown and her bouquet.  With a few minor adjustments, this cake was just perfect for Cecelia and her groom.  A very fun part of this cake is actually what’s inside; layers of chocolate rum cake, dark chocolate ganache and a cherry compote swiss meringue buttercream.  The combination was a hit at the reception and I received a text very soon after the event describing their joy surrounding their cake.  I’m always delighted when I get such rave reviews…thank you, Cecelia and congratulations on your wedding.  I hope your wedding cake memories always bring you happiness!


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