Gold Sequins Cake


The perfect wedding cake design?  Essential.  The perfect wedding cake stand?  Crucial.  Every cake designer knows that the perfect cake, if not presented properly feels lacking.  My preference?  The cake pedestal.  There is just something so appealing about a cake on its pedestal.  Now, finding the perfect pedestal is no longer an issue.  Sarah’s Cake Stands just launched its Picture Perfect stand collection in bold, bright and beautiful colors.  To celebrate the new line, I designed this cake to coordinate with Sarah’s “At First Blush” stand.  I knew the photos had to be nothing short of spectacular so I called in the talented Lee Lopez Photography and he captured these insanely gorgeous photos.

fondant_flinger-4LOGOThe stand truly makes this cake.  The burst of color and shine at the base of the cake accentuates the shine of the gold sequins and the burst of color on the herringbone design.  You can read more about my design process for this cake at Sarah’s Stands Blog.  
fondant_flinger-8LOGOGiddy does not even begin to describe my elation when I finally assembled all the tiers.  I got so excited that I shot the photos over to Carrie at The Cake Blog who so graciously did a write up of her own (which you can read here).

Don’t forget to check out all of the new colors from Sarah.  I warn you though, prepare to be inspired!


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    […] contacted me around the time I had completed my Gold Sequins Cake for a collaboration with Sarah’s Stands (you can read the post by Sarah here).  Jessica […]

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