Buttercream Purple Ombre Cake









  1. Amy Pryor says:

    I am IN LOVE with this cake!!!!!!

  2. Bronwyn says:

    How did you do the wonderful purple swirls on the top tier?

    • Thank you, Bronwyn! I used a petal tip to pipe the rosettes on to the sides.

      • Absolutely breathtaking! My question is how did you ruffled roses on the top tier? Did you pipe them on wax paper on cake dummy then glue them on with piping gel?

        • Thank you, Danette! No, I piped the ruffles directly on to the tier. My wrist hurt for days but it really did end up looking exactly as I had imagined.

  3. Shalooop says:

    This is beautiful ! How do you do buttercream ruffle roses?

  4. What kind of frosting did you use? Was it had to do?

  5. just love the colours I cant wait to see your next creation

  6. Do you have a tutorial for the top part

  7. Ginger Drapchaty says:

    This is my favorite cake after an intense two weeks on pinterest. I absolutely love this, unique and makes my mouth water. I cant believe the flowers on top is frosting, I thought it was real flowers. Does it taste yummy like buttercream?

    • So glad you like it! Sadly, no, the flowers will not taste like buttercream. They are made of fondant or gumpaste and dry very hard and each petal is wired for assembly. However, they are a very good choice for cake because they have no danger of pesticide on their petals like real flowers and you can choose to keep these sugar flowers as a momento.

  8. This cake is amazing! I like your creations, Rachael. The roses on the top add elegance to this cake.

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